Video Slots

video slot machinesVideo slots have redefined the online slots landscape over the last few years. When online casino first came into being, most only supported what could best be described as online versions of traditional reel slot machines. As the graphics technology on the common PC advanced, so did online slots. Video Slots first hit our screens around 2000, and since then have captured the imaginations of slots enthusiasts. These games offer some clear benefits when compared to their old cousins, the classic reel slots. There are also some disadvantages.

For the purpose of this article, when referring to video slots we mean slots that have 5 reels and pay lines ranging between 5 and 25. Some video slots provide bonus feature games, and there are a wide variety available these days. Some provide free spins, bonus double up features or a chance to win bonus coins. Video slots are sometimes called “Australian Slots”. This is because Australian slots manufacturer, Aristocrat, was the first to introduce these games into land casinos around the world.

Benefits of Video Slots

Because of the increased number of pay lines, video slots obviously offer more winning combinations.

These games also typically offer a much wide range of coin denominations, typically between a penny and $5 (although some allow up to $100). To our knowledge there are no reel slots that can be played with a penny.

Because of the increased number of winning combinations, you also win more often, although most are small wins. People love this as it keeps the action going.

The bonus feature games make video slots even more popular, as they offer additional opportunities of winning even more.

Disadvantages of Video Slots

One disadvantage that is often not spotted by novices is the fact that you wins are typically smaller than with reel slots. You also have to wager more coins to activate all the lines. Many a slots player has been very unhappy because they hit a winning combo on a line that they did not activate. In our view its pointless to play these games unless you always bet the maximum.

Although these games appear to be very different on the surface, the ultimately pay out the same. Video slots simply give you more action along the way, and are generally more pleasing on the eye.

At the end of the day it all comes down to individual preferences.

Video Slot Machine Game Tips

Video slots are gaining in popularity all the time. New video slots are being released online every month these days, and they are becoming more exciting and potentially more rewarding all the time.

We offer some basic tips for playing video slot machine games online. Following these tips will hopefully make your play more rewarding.

Tips for Playing Video Slots

  • Video Slots Tip 1 – Always make sure you understand the pay table. It contains valuable information, such as the requirements to hit free spins or the bonus round. It will also tell you how many coins you need to bet in order to maximize your winning potential.
  • Playing Tip 2 – Always play max bet, meaning all lines. The lat thing you want is to hit a winning combo on a line you did not activate. We firmly believe it to be a waste of money if you are not going for all lines.
  • Playing Tip 3 – Even though you may decide to play the maximum lines, be aware that some games allow multiple coins per line. Be aware that this will significantly increase your cost per spin, but the upside is bigger wins (this is because these kinds of games multiply the winning amount by the number of coins you bet).
  • ying Tip 4 – Don’t get too fussed about not hitting the bonus round. This is where the slots manufacturers are clever. They want you to keep playing in lieu of hitting the bonus game. They want you to play back all your winnings!
  • Playing Tip 5 – As always, decide on your bankroll for each playing

About Progressive Slots

Many players to new online slots are unsure of what exactly progressive slots are and also how to play them. Like all online slot games, it pays to do a bit of research before diving straight in. This will ensure you get the most out of your game and most likely save you time and more importantly, how to beat them and make money!

Progressive slots offer players the opportunity to win relatively large jackpots, which makes them one of the most appealing online slot games currently on offer.

Progressive slots usually operate as part of a network of machines that all contribute part of their play-through to a generous grand total jackpot. The more the online slots are played, the greater the jackpot will be, therefore attracting more players and so on! Once a jackpot has been won, the progressive slots will be reset to the base level and the jackpot pool start growing all over again.

If you like the idea of a hefty jackpot, then progressive slots are probably for you. Progressive slots also set aside some of their funds to offer players smaller and less frequent payouts in between. It’s good to keep in mind however that although the payouts with progressive slots are generally bigger than with regular slots, they do tend to happen less often. You’ll also find that progressive slots require you to play with a maximum number of coins.

When looking for which progressive slot to play, take the time to browse through similar machines, and choose one with the highest accumulated jackpot.