Appeal of Online Slots

appeal of slot machinesWho can forget the first time they saw their first ‘one-armed-bandit’ or slot machine? I know for me it was on a cruise ship with my family when I was a kid. I was way to young to gamble at the time but was allowed to watch the ‘grown-ups’ ‘feed the machines’ and boy did they! From the moment the ship’s casino opened, the slot machines chairs filled up quicker than you could say ‘fruit machines’.

At the time I guess I was more in awe of the effect these shiny, noisy and colorful robot-like machines had on the folks playing them, then the slot machines themselves. Of course that was all to change when I was old enough to gamble and spent my first $20 on a fruit machine in Las Vegas. I could instantly see the appeal of slots and from that moment on became a hard and fast slot machine ‘junkie’.

Well, perhaps junkie is too strong a term. While I played most opportunities I could, I was always smart enough to gamble responsibly as I continue to do today. This is why I have always been able to enjoy my slotting experiences without feeling guilty about gambling with money that is needed or earmarked for something else.

And, for me, that’s the whole point of slot gambling. Enjoyment, pure and simple. Slots should always be fun. Period. I am well aware that there are many cynics out there who enjoy ‘bashing’ slot games because they feel there is no skill involved with playing slots whatsoever. Well, compared to poker or blackjack they may be right but I would like to believe that the more a player plays slots, the better his or her instinct develops for sniffing out the ‘loose’ from the ‘tight’ machines.

When I made a move to online gambling a couple of years ago, I couldn’t have been happier. I mean at my fingertips I literally had access to hundreds of online casinos, each offering a different range of online slots games. The choices were endless – 3-reel slots, 5-reel slots, single pay lines, multi-pay lines, bonus games, Wild Symbols and more! I remember wishing that there were more hours in the day so that I could play more often.

I actually found that I enjoyed playing from the comfort of my own den more than trekking off to the nearest land casino which, in my case, was in Nevada! I have found that gambling online meant I no longer had to plan trips to casinos, gas up the car, feel guilty about dragging my wife along for the ride, foot hotel and food bills and so on.

I was literally in heaven and, further more, the online slots games themselves I found to be almost identical to their land-casino counterparts. Sure, instead of watching actual reels spinning around, you watch a simulation on a computer screen. But I bet you didn’t know that land-casino slot machines use the identical Random Number Generation (RNG) software that is used in online casino slot gaming software.

That means that the payout schedules are very similar especially regarding Progressive Jackpots. If you can win in Vegas, you can win online. It’s as simple as that. Take me. In my slotting career not only have I found what I consider a great hobby and pastime, but I’ve even paid for a couple of family vacations with money I’ve won online.

I hope that you have as much fun and good fortune playing online slots that I have had over the years. Good luck!