8 Top Slots Tips

slot machine online tipsContrary to popular belief, there are in fact ways to help decrease the house edge when playing online slots, and improve your chances of winning. The following top online slots tips should improve your opportunity of winning, however, as in all online gambling games, there are no guarantees.

  1. Select the game you can afford – Only play online slots games where you can afford to play the maximum bet on every spin. There is no point in playing a $5 maximum progressive jackpot slots game with $20 to your name. Instead, play a quarter slot machine. This way your money and your gaming enjoyment will go a lot further.
  2. Look for online casinos with the highest payout tables – There are literally thousand of online casinos to choose from today. Always go for the ones that advertise payouts of over 97%. This means that of every $10 dollars played, the online casino, in essence, retains only $0.30.
  3. Understand the rules of your gambling game – Understand the rules of your chosen online casino game before you gamble one cent. Too many players, eager to win huge money, jump straight into a game and end up losing it all simply because they didn’t take the time to fully understand the features and rules of the game.
  4. Recognize good from bad slots games – Hone your skills in learning to recognize online casinos with top odds, highest payouts and widest selection of online slots games. Why play a progressive slots game for a jackpot of $50 000 when for the same dollar bet you can play one with a $75 000 jackpot?
  5. Take advantage of your FREE casino sign-up bonus – Most online casinos offer new or first time players a complimentary ‘welcome’ or sign-up bonus. Seek out the most lucrative sign-up bonuses to increase your gaming session. Here’s a tip, check out the great welcome bonus at Slots Royale Casino.
  6. Only gamble with what you are prepared to lose – First and foremost, gambling is a form of entertainment. To always keep it that way, never ever gamble with more then you can afford to lose. This takes discipline but it will ensure that gambling is a always fun for you and that you don’t gamble away your kids’ college tuition.
  7. Formulate your strategy and run with it – Before you begin gambling, decide which slots game you want to play for that session. For example, decide whether a 3-reel, 5-reel or progressive jackpot game will be your target. The tip is to set your playing budget, stick to your strategy and knock ’em dead!
  8. Don’t be afraid to switch slot games – Don’t make the mistake of spending all of your resources on one slots game. Too many players think that because they’ve ‘invested’ x amount of money on a particular game, that it will eventually pay out. This is not necessarily the case. Rather spread your money around a little – you may be surprised at the outcome.

Common Slots Casino Mistakes

In a video arcade playing your favorite game, a mistake will simply cost you a ‘life’ or your credit. When gambling online at a slots casino or any online casino for that matter, a mistake can cost you real money. The point is to enter any online casino, such as River Nile Casino, fully prepared and try your hardest to minimize mistakes.

The following common slots casino mistakes should be avoided at all times when gambling at an online slots casino:

Insufficient Preparation – Like choosing an expensive restaurant to eat at, you should always check out or investigate an online casino before you make a deposit. If you are very diligent, you can scope out a couple of online chat rooms or blogs to pick up the ‘vibe’ of a casino. A bad online casino will have an equally bad reputation.

Choosing the wrong welcome bonus – Just about every online slots casinos offers its own welcome bonus. Choose the one that best suits your needs. Don’t just look at the bonus at face value but look at the casinos terms and conditions to ensure that you are aware of just how the bonus works.

Choosing the wrong slots casino – The driving force behind any online casino is the casino games software that it uses and promotes. Make sure that you choose an online slots casino that is running one of the better online gambling gaming software suites such as Microgaming or Playtech. Otherwise it would be like driving Porsche with tractor wheels.

Blaming the gambling software – As frustrating as it can be to lose money gambling, there is little point in blaming the casino or the software. If you are seated at a slot machine in a Vegas casino and you lose your money, you don’t stand up and kick the machine do you? Of course not. Online slots casinos and games are monitored by organizations to ensure honest and fair gaming.

Rushing straight in – As eager as you are to get cracking, always take a moment to ensure you understand the rules of the online slots game you have chosen as well as all the betting and payout conditions. Too often too much haste will end up in no money.

By not making these common slot casino mistakes, you will fair much better when gambling online.